Marketing and Advertising Law

Have a 20 Year Marketing and Advertising Veteran Negotiate your Deals

Dollars spent on marketing and advertising are a critical investment for any growing or established business. Today, the choice of vehicles is greater than ever, and changing on a regular basis. This evolution presents new challenges to the advertiser seeking to find the most effective and efficient means of promoting a business, whether through traditional electronic media, print vehicles, the internet, out-of-home, or any number of emerging technology platforms.

Just as a marketer is likely to find a dizzying array of opportunities to present its message, so is it likely to find significant variation among the contractual terms required by each media company. Working with a legal team that has years of experience in this area can reduce the stress of making large investments of money by knowing that your business is legally protected.

Wendy Anderson has more than 20 years’ experience in negotiating marketing agreements and she knows the legal protections, above and beyond standard contract language, that should be included in each contract. She is skilled at working with your marketing partners to find unique ways to promote your business as well as securing bonus elements that will give your program something special.

  • Traditional Media (Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Out of Home)
  • Online advertising
  • Event and Venue Sponsorship
  • Sports Marketing (Major and minor leagues, teams, events)
  • Promotions, Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Celebrity and Athlete Endorsements

Wendy has a superior reputation within the marketing, media and sports worlds for negotiating very advantageous deals. If your business is targeted toward consumers and you plan to invest in marketing, there is no other alternative to effective legal counsel. For more information on how the Law Office can assist, contact Wendy Anderson today!