Law Office of Wendy Anderson – Your Partner in Business

The Law Office of Wendy Anderson is a boutique law firm offering knowledgeable legal counsel regarding business, employment and advertising law. The firm supports individuals in anticipating, preventing, mitigating and overcoming legal issues in their personal, professional and business lives.  As outside legal counsel, Wendy strives to understand her clients’ businesses so that they can feel secure knowing that their legal advisor cares and is only a phone call away.

The firm understands that each client has unique needs and is adept at structuring attorney-client relationships that are personalized and effective for you. By utilizing the latest cloud-based legal case management technology and security, Wendy is able to work efficiently with her clients, meeting in person only when both you and Wendy agree it is needed. This philosophy means that the firm can easily represent clients throughout Arizona, as distance is not a barrier.

Viewing each client as a partner, Wendy is committed to providing relevant, prompt and comprehensive service. As legal counsel, she is thorough, aggressive and assertive, skillfully crafting documents or negotiating agreements to help her clients establish, transform and protect their business.

Trust Wendy Anderson for legal representation, business advice, and commitment you can count on. Call for a private consultation today!