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Workers’ Compensation Insurance… It’s not just for your Employees

By Wendy Anderson, Law Office of Wendy Anderson, and Casey Elliott, Phoenix Insurance Group Most employers are aware of their legal obligation to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Few of them, however, purchase it for themselves. Owners who work in their business would be well served to consider doing this for the protection [..]

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Non-Compete Agreements: In Arizona, They ARE Enforceable!

In my law practice, I’ve heard countless business owners declare that non-compete agreements are not enforceable. Well, it’s true…if they’re not properly written, they’re not enforceable. But non-competes have been the subject of numerous cases in Arizona, and through this body of case law, clear guidelines have been handed down regarding what constitutes an enforceable [..]

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Who Owns It? Protecting Your Company’s Intellectual Property in the Gig Economy

In today’s gig economy, business owners are outsourcing tasks that are critical to the success of their business. These outsourced experts may be creating a tagline, designing a website, photographing your products, writing code for an app, or drafting the messages for your marketing materials. While they may be great partners and may produce great [..]

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