Your Original Work – Who Really Owns It?

Outsourcing has become an effective and efficient way to operate multiple aspects of a business.  Many business owners see merit in using skilled experts who can complete clearly-defined projects for their company without having the permanence of an employment relationship.  When this outsourced work consists of original work, including writings, translations, music, and certain types [..]

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It’s 2021…What’s New for Business Owners?

If you own a business, and especially if you have employees, there are several legal developments you need to be aware of as we move into 2021.  With the new administration, it’s likely that other changes will be coming, but in this first week of February, there are just a few things to note — [..]

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Record-Keeping under the FFCRA and CARES Act

Avoid future headaches by getting and keeping the information NOW that you will need LATER Last week, your rights and obligations as an employer changed at a dizzying rate! The beginning of the week brought fear and uncertainty as business owners were newly required to provide wages for sick time and medical leave far in [..]

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