Get the Guidance You Need in Phoenix Business Law with Wendy Anderson

Execute an Agreement that is Uniquely Customized to your Transaction

In any business setting, a written agreement establishes the terms under which two or more parties will interact with each other. A solid agreement will not only specify the business terms – the product or service, the timeframe for delivery, the price and payment terms – but will also address the possibility that one party will fail to deliver as planned. A well-crafted contract is the first line of defense and should be a top priority before you enter into any transaction. Wendy Anderson can help protect your company related to the very specific terms of your deal.

Wendy is experienced in working with buyers and sellers when shares of a corporation, membership interests in an LLC, specific property or assets owned by a company, or entire entities are changing ownership.

She has crafted service agreements between consultants and their clients, purchase agreements between buyers and sellers of products, loan agreements and promissory notes between lenders and borrowers, and non-disclosure, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements between parties with protectable interests.

Agreements that define the responsibilities and potential liabilities of each party will provide you with peace of mind as you enter into significant relationships or exchanges. Contact Wendy Anderson so that she can create a document uniquely customized for your situation.