Fee Structure

Many people avoid contacting an attorney because of the fear of unaffordable legal fees. Wendy understands this fear and hopes that it will not cause you to hesitate to call her. Each legal situation is unique and the Law Office of Wendy Anderson will work with you to develop a fee structure that works for you.

Free, No-Risk Consultation

To determine if the Law Office of Wendy Anderson is the right firm for you, schedule a one-hour consultation. The first 30 minutes are free, and if you decide against working with the firm, we part as friends. If you would like to complete the remaining 30 minutes, there will be a $150 fee, payable immediately.

Fixed Fee

For certain types of projects, a fixed fee is the optimal billing structure. This fee, which will be determined following a consultation, will include any meetings, emails and phone calls with the client to review drafts, and the delivery of the final work product.

Hourly Fee

For issues with time requirements that are difficult to quantify in advance, an hourly billing structure is used. Generally an advanced deposit will be required before the firm can begin working on your behalf.


If you have legal questions, wish to discuss new ideas or unanticipated challenges, Wendy wants you to feel free to call without fear of a hefty bill afterward. For a flat monthly fee, you can have immediate access to a trusted business and legal advisor.

Additional Fees

Clients will never be charged for postage and copying that are within the ordinary scope of business. Additional fees will relate to outside services such as a business appraisal, expedited delivery of documents and filing fees with government agencies or courts.